I am sorry but it was good

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
I am sorry but it was good

It was around 10:00 pm. My /friend/best-friend/">best friend had already past out from drinking so much. His /mom/">mom who is always looking at me had on a short robe and she always bent over and looked back at me. So finally she said good night handsome and i was shocked the wwwxxx so i just said good night. she is 5ft and 3inches.she is a white woman but with a /booty/big-booty/">big booty, and perfect 36 c breast. So any way like 30 minutes after she went to her room i got a huge /boner/">boner.

Then i started to jerk off a little bit. Finally when i couldn't help my self anymore. I walked into her room and there she was laying there still in her robe. Then instantly i hot solid hard. I reacted under her robe and found her pussy, i gently moved the blankets from round her and i got down and i ate her left and right up and then i stuck my tongue all the way in her and by then she was woken up and she was moaning very low.

Then i rubbed my dick up and down on her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy then i eased it all the way in and she loudly moaned and then squeezed my arm. I knew she wanted more so i sped up and went faster deeper and harder and harder. She was still moaning low because her /son/">son was sleep. So then i stopped grabbed her wwwxxx pillow and placed it on the other side of the bed then i grabbed her bent her over doggy style and put her face in the pillow then i grabbed her hips and pounded her ass and smacked it lightly.

I was fucking so hard you could here the smacking, so before we got caught i let her go and then laid down and she no boy i am going to cum again so she got on top and took over my dick like no other and right before i came she got up and sucked my /dick/big-dick/">big dick and sucked out all my cum and swallowed it all and told me to thanks and said go to the living room.