My super rich boyfriends gift

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My super rich boyfriends gift

I am an above average looking person, moderately successful in my own eyes. Most people may think I almost have everything in life. But the truth is there is one thing that I cant seem to get enough of. The desire to satisfy my urges.

I have a /friend/boy-friend/">boy friend who is really nice at heart and simple. But then we often fight. The most common reason for our arguments is that i just dont see enough of him. He is extremely rich and successful and can probably buy me every possible thing on earth. But he just doesnt have the time to keep up with my urges.

I hadnt met Manu in a couple of weeks. He bokep sma pecah perawan had been working on this new venture and it was taking most of his time. Manu called to say he was available in the evening and was wondering if i could get home early. I came home and decided to take a shower. I lit a couple of scented candles before i went into the shower. Manu loves to make love when i come out of the shower with my hair and body wet.

I was completed naked with the shower gel over my body when the door bell rang. Expecting it to be Manu i quickly wrapped my bathrobe and rushed to open the door for him. I felt so naughty almost ready to pounce on him. Just as I opened the door there stood an extremely handsome guy wearing a black hat and a leather jacket. He had a bouquet of flowers with him. I am sorry maam mr. manu is stuck in a meeting so he asked me to deliver this note to you along with the flowers. Goes without saying the horny me was disappointed.

The note said "the flowers and the person carrying them are for you. I will see you soon darling". I wasnt sure what this really meant until Ron the guy carrying the flowers asked me maam are we ready? Ready for what I asked him? Manu asked me to give you company so here I am. Let me fix you a drink. Ron walked to the bar and fixed us a single malt. I was sitting on the sofa in my robes quite forgetting that there was a man around. He got me my drink and sat next to me on the floor. Let me give you a massage. I was quite tired so I allowed him to. He derobed me and carried me to the bedroom. His hands and fingers gave me a nice back rub, my legs, my shoulders. He had removed the strain old waman xxxgx out of each part of my body. I was in another world. His hands were so young. He must be in his twenties. I closed my eyes. A few minutes later i left totally aroused and wet. Ron was licking my pussy. His tounge biting and nibbling at it, sucking it. I was starled until Ron asked me to relax. Ron why are you doing this I asked. I get paid to do this. What!!. Manu told me that for each orgasm I get you he would pay me so please allow me. In addition i am a trained pussy licker. You must be kidding me I said. No I am not. I am here to give you pleasure. Please help me I really need the money and this is the best way to earn it.

Over the next few hours Ron licked me a couple of times. I could touch him, do what I like and yet he was not allowed to enter me. That was a rule for him set by Manu. After some time i was exhausted and asked him to relax and just lie down next to me. Like a baby Ron hugged me from behind and we just went off to sleep.

I was suddenly woken up by a touch. Obviously startled i slowly opened by eyes and smiled it was Manu. He was wearing his standard white shit all unbuttoned and had stripped. I left his cold hands on my warm body. 2 men I had never had 2 men in my life in bed together. Ron hugging me from the back and Manu fingering my pussy with his cold hands.

Ron realized Manu was back so slowly moved away. Manu whispered darling i hope i didnt keep you waiting for too long. I held him in a tight embrace and said I want to feel you inside me. Manu got on top of me and gradually pushed himself in.I kissed him for the most amazing and relaxing evening and we made love. In my mind i wondered if I would see Ron again.

But then that is another story isnt it :