Wife Groomed Part 6

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Wife Groomed Part 6

Young wife Groomed : Part 6 Peter takes charge.

Thank you Lyn for not objecting to my continuing the story from where you left it in Part 5. I hope you enjoy the way I continued the story. Well here it goes...

As both Smith and Jane started getting dressed that Friday evening, Peter decided Jane was going to be his slut/ so he got out of the limo and got a pipe about the size of a golf club out of one of the rubbish carts. As Smith came out of the back of the limo he swung the pipe with his best golf driving swing at Smiths jaw from below smashing the side of his head into the limo door.

This stunned Smith, so Peter pushed him back a little and rolled down the window and put Smiths head threw it and grabbed the tie Smith had removed and wrapped it around Smith's head as a gag, and rolled the window up trapping Smith's head outside the window. He yelled at Jane to unlace Smith's shoes and wait away from his legs.

Jane was shocked to see Peter but she was so used to just following orders tonight, so just did as she was ordered. Peter came around to the other side of the limo and climbed in he told Jane to move near the front window then Peter then used his boyscout training to use Smith's own shoe laces to tie Smith's hands behind his back and tie the laces around the base of Smith's cock and balls with a lasso knot so if he struggled he would tighten the laces on his prick and ball sack and proceeded to smash the pipe into Smiths until Smith passed out from the pain The gag lessened the noise Smith made just slightly.

Peter looked at Jane and order her to tell him what happened after she and Charles left him in the study. Jane was confused and started to tell him about the photo shoot, she stopped after telling him about her blouse being removed.
Peter asked "Was that all that happened?"

Jane was startled and Peter started telling her what occurred from that point on. After retelling up to the point where Charles told her to 'shut up bitch". Peter asked Jane if she knew how he could know all of these things. Jane just started crying. Peter told Jane how Smith had said Charles wanted him to observe the proceedings, so Smith had walked him through the door Charles and she had gone through, but locked him in a room right behind the mirror in the studio and the room was equipped for sound and had monitors to show the proceedings from all angles.

To illustrate his point he reminded her by saying 'that Charles said that they would only show Peter what they permitted him to see", and Peter stressed that "Charles had strait out lied to her; but that Peter doubted that it was really necessary for him to do that to get her to cheat on Peter judging by her actions"

Jane sobbed out " I am ashamed of myself for letting it go so far"

Peter continued with "Even when Charles had given you the opportunity to leave just before he split you open with his cock. You just stayed there on the bed with your ass up in the air."

Peter told her sternly "Jane you are going to be my bitch since you are my wife". Peter continued by stating "Your slutty body will never have black cock again, unless I get it for you to have; and that would happen only if you are very obedient to my wishes!" Also Peter would have to think Jane deserved a treat"

Jane's jaw dropped and Peter continued by saying that "Now we are going to a hospital and get that nigger seed out of you and report the abuse by this low life nigger and his boss and that she was also going to charge them both with sexual assault.".

Peter released Smith from the window and then spread Smiths legs and tied them with Smiths jacket and pants to the opposing seats face down. Just as Peter finished tying Smith down Smith started to try to move around again so Peter decided that it was time to find some information about the setup at Charles home. Peter told Smith he was going to ask him some questions. Smith tried to break free of the bindings so Peter hit Smith in his right ball with the pipe.

Smith groaned and Peter repeated that "He was going to ask Smith some questions and Jane would be the judge if he was lying; for each truth Smith would be given one second to lube up the bottle that Jane was going to shove up Smith's ." Peter told Smith "nod yes if you understand and will comply" Smith reluctantly nodded yes.

Peter asked Jane "Did Smith use any lube other than Jane's spit when he did her ass?" Jane dropped her gaze and whispered "No he did not". Peter warned Smith "Answer promptly and do not yell to attract attention when I loosened the tie in your mouth" Peter loosened the tie and began the interrogation.

Peter asked about the layout of the home, Smith stated "There are 8 doors on the left side of the hall paired in the manor of 1 action room with a bathroom attached and a observation room and on the right side were 4 guest bedrooms and at the end of the hall was the video control room." Smith continued "The kitchen, dining room, social hall , and Charles's bedroom, my bedroom, and billiard room are down the entrance hallway. And there is a rear door out onto the rear grounds at the end." Peter looked to Jane for her judgment about these statements; Jane guessed this not to be a lie.

Peter told Smith "That gives you two second to lube the bottle"
Next Peter asked "Where the alarms were on the property."
Smith said "There was only the one on the front and rear doors"

Jane piped up "That is a lie." Peter landed a casual swing on Smith's left nut-sack. Smith screamed in pain.
Peter stated "We will come back to that one again later.", Peter then asked "Where are the tapes kept?" Smith attempted to answer promptly but the pain slowed his reaction time, so Peter landed a more sturdy blow directly on Smith's cockhead, then waited for Smith to answer.

Smith stated "They are kept in a locked room off of Charles's bedroom." Peter hit Smith's right ball again, then asked "Why did you not mentioned this room when you were giving the layout of the flat?"
Smith groaned out "It had slipped my mind in my rush to answer you."
Peter said "OK, don't let it happen again!"

Jane was getting excited at Peter's treatment of Smith. Jane quickly put in "That sounds truthful."
Peter asked "What is the code and procedure for the door alarm system?"

Smith told Peter " Star,4,6,9,1,#,5,6,0,+ entered 3 times." Jane believed that, so no clubbing for this answer.
"What are Charles's plans for the rest of this weekend?" Inquired Peter.
Smith croaked out "There would be a viewing of the tapes recorded tonight after the midday meal.", Jane believed this also.

Peter asked "Is anything else planned?" Smith said "No". Peter looked at Jane and she make a thumbs down to this answer. Peter smashed the pipe into the shaft of Smith's cock. Smith fainted from the pain. After Peter had Jane pee in Smith's eye and mouth Smith started to come around.

Peter went on with the questioning by asking "Who are Charles's friends that would be show the tapes?"
Smith sputtered out the names "Jake Brown & Randy Washington the movie producers, Captain Garvin of the Harlem police, Senator Dawson, and Judge Lundy." Jane gave a thumb up for that answer.
Peter said "So far Smith you have 6 seconds to lube the bottle.

Peter asked again about the alarms and got believable answers mostly. Peter got information on who was to be at the flat this weekend, who else had been initiated into the club since Smith had worked for Charles, which of the husbands were aware of the situation their wives were in. Jane judged that Smith lied on 10 of the next 20 questions Peter asked. So Peter smashed the pipe into each of Smith's balls and his cock; one strike to one of the three targets dividing them as evenly as possible favoring the left ball in the case of extras when Jane thought he had lied. After giving Smith a chance to recover Peter started to ask the questions judged to be lies.

But before Peter continued Jane interrupted. Jane's cunt had started leaking from the way Peter was dominating this thug. Jane menacingly stated " Smith you had better be very truthful to these questions or Peter might just shove the pipe down your throat or up your ass with no lube at all." Smith realized that he had to lie less blatantly, so he carefully chose the best lies he could think of for the repeated questions; and did it convincingly enough that Jane did not figure out that they were lies except for 3.

On the 5 alarm questions Jane decided that Smith lied on all but two, so each of Smith parts were clubbed once. Peter asked those again and Jane judged he told the truth the second time around. Smith had actually lied to all of the alarm responses every time he was asked. Peter asked the other questions and Smith got pummeled in the groin for 5 of the last 10 questions.

Peter gave up on asking questions and made Jane get a wine bottle instead of a beer bottle and Jane attempted to put it up Smith's shitter. So Smith was given 20 seconds to prepare the bottle for his ass. Peter replaced the tie in Smith's mouth after Smith had prepared the bottle. Jane was having difficulties getting it in. Peter let her try for a few minutes and then ordered her to twist it in and then push it in as far as she could. She got the cork in then shoved it quickly and forcefully, but only got the neck in.

Peter demanded that she get more of it in, Jane sat on the floor of the limo and put both of her feet on the bottom of the bottle and pressed with all of her leg strength. Just as she was starting this attempt; while Jane pressed Smith howled through the gag. Jane stopped leaving just one half inch of xnxxv sunny leone video the bottle sticking out his ass so it could be gripped for removal.

Peter loosened the tie again and asked the 30 questions again and Smith figured that he could not take much more abuse in this manner to protect Charles and his cohorts, so gave truthful answers to all of the questions Jane judged that he was still lying on about 5 of the questions. Peter put the gag back into Smith's mouth and secured it. Smith got clubbed twice to each ball and one to his swollen cock. Smith real forced anal against her will tried to assure Peter and Jane that he was not lying while the swings were occurring in between piteous howls.

Jane was beginning to get wet again.

Peter noticed this and told Jane "You cannot touch herself until after the hospital got all of the evidence it would be needing to prosecute the two men." then Peter told her 'she would get dressed as much as possible and use Smith's shirt to cover her breasts."
Peter ordered Jane to get up in the front passenger seat and keep her legs spread and her hands laced behind her head until he gave further instructions. Peter informed her if she did not follow his instructions to the letter she would be sorry later.

Jane had never thought that Peter could be so domineering this got her more excited but did as she was told.