Made me scream

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Made me scream

I was at a christmas eve house /party/">party with a friend who knew the host. I had never been to an all male party before even though I had been with a few guys sexually. I considered myself bisexual and versatile but mostly a top. I bottomed a few times and ocassionally liked it but it had been a very long time since I had been fucked. I didn't know anyone except for my friend and I lost him as soon as we got there. He was busy mingling & flirting. I grabbed a glass of juice cuz I didn't drink and just stood back taking in the scene. There were about 25-30 guys, all races, sizes, u name it. Everyone was socializing & having a good time.

I was standing against the wall when I was approached by a tall handsome white guy. I'm african-/american/">american but I was only attracted to white guys. He introduced himself and we started talking. He was wearing a tank top and jeans. I could see a huge bulge in his pants and I must admit I was really turned on by it but didn't let him know. I was picturing in my head what it would feel like to have that /dick/big-dick/">big dick inside me. We talked for about 20 minutes then he whispered to me that I had a /ass/nice-ass/">nice ass and he had never been with a black guy before. I was flattered and before u know it we were in the corner of the hallway kissing & grinding. He pressed his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock against me as he squeezed my ass. I squeezed his ass and was pulling him against me as I was so turned on. He tongued my ear and softly said, "I wanna fuck u". I asked where and he said we could go upstairs to one of the guest bedrooms.

I said ok and without anyone noticing we headed upstairs. Once inside the room he stood behind me kissing my neck and unzipping my pants as we walked towards the bed. By time we got to the bed I was totally nude. I turned around and started taking off his clothes. I pulled down his boxer briefs and grabbed hold of the biggest cock I had ever been with. He was 9. 5 rock hard. I laid down on my back as he got on top of me and started kissing my neck, working his way down to my nipples. He worked on my nipples so good with his mouth that I was squirming & moaning in pleasure and thinking when was he gonna fuck me with that /dick/huge-dick/">huge dick. He continued down to my hardness and sucked on my full hd xvideo download cock slowly as he fingered my ass. I was soooo turned on and ready then he raised up and put his cock in my mouth. I took as much of it as I could and enjoyed having his big dick n my mouth.

He grabbed the back of my head and praised my oral skills. He lubed my hole up real good as I continued to suck him. After sliding 2 fingers in me I told him I was ready to be fucked. He got between my legs, raised them up and slid a pillow under my ass. I watched in anticipation as he lubed up that big dick and very slowly he put it inside. I was so tight that it took awhile for him to get all in. Once he had all 9. 5 inside me he stroked me very slowly telling me how hot & tight my ass felt. I spreaded my legs and grabbed his ass pulling him in deeper. I felt his cock in my stomach but it was great. After a few strokes my ass started to get wet and loosen up.

He started speeding up his fucking and with each thrust I was moaning & screaming louder and louder. I was sounding like a woman taking a good pounding. It was really turning him on. I begged for him to not stop til he cummed. After about 2 more minutes of taking his pounding we both were about to cum. I couldn't believe I was about to cum from getting fucked and didn't even have to touch my cock. He said "Oh shit I'm gonna cum". I said, "Cum on baby. Cum inside this pussy. "That dick had me feeling like a woman. I camed when I felt his hot load shooting deep inside me. He camed hard and alot.

We just layed there for a few minutes with his dick still inside me. It was still semi-hard. I told him to roll me over on him. We rolled over and I was sitting on that dick still in me. I wanted more and started to ride him till he got back hard. When he got hard he grabbed my ass and spreaded my cheeks and thrusted that dick up in me til I was moaning & screaming in pleasure. It didn't take long for him to be ready to cum again.

Right before he did I got off him and took that load in my mouth. It tasted so damn good. We fell asleep and didn't wake up til my friend found us free porn movies download when he was ready 2 go. I thanked him for inviting me and he said I'm sure you're glad u camed. I said no doubt. Guess u can say I had a big dick xmas.