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Bringing my work home seemed to be a weekend ritual with me. Frankly, today, working was the last thing I wanted to be doing on this Saturday afternoon. I would have rather been with my lover, already out by the pool enjoying herself, basking in the sun. Asi is a pure African woman of unbelievably exquisite beauty. In her mid thirties. The sweetest smile which blended nicely with the sexiest seductive eyes that could literally melt you. Her black hair falling just to her shoulders. Her /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts standing proud and firm. Slender legs and the /ass/hot-ass/">hot ass which is incomparable to any woman Ive ever known.

I sat in my home office, frustrated over the script I was working on for BOHICA Productions. Editing had to be completed this week. This script was going to put BOHICA Productions over the top as a leading production company in the porn industry. Trying to concentrate on the /ebony/">ebony Goddess scene in the script, my thoughts turned to the image of the ebony goddess lounging out by my pool, which made it all the harder to work.

The office door opened behind me. Asi came into the room.
"John, baby, Youve been at that script almost all afternoon."
"Yeah, I know baby. The deadline is at the end of the week."
"Yeah well, enough work," she just said, pulling back my chair, "Its play time."

Asi straddled herself onto my lap, facing me. Throwing her arms around me, she pressed her lips to mine, kissing me hard. I returned the kiss with a fervent passion.

We broke the kiss. Then, Asi cupped her tits in her hands through her bikini top, playing with them for my viewing pleasure. Lifting a tit in her hand, she extended her tongue and flicked it over her white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie tit through the material. The playfulness in her eyes, watched to see the lust in mine. With a teasing smile, Asi pushed her tits together, showing me her deep cleavage. Shit! that was just too much. But, it was an invitation I wasnt about to pass up.

Reaching behind her, it took just one pull of the string to remove her bikini top. I was treated to the awesome sight of Asis 40D /tits/ebony-tits/">ebony tits. Taking a hold of my lovers tits, I gently squeezed them, kneading them in my hands. I brought one of her tits to my mouth to suck it.
"Hmm, suck my tits, baby," she urged

I gladly obliged, sucking first, one, then the other. Asi drew a quick breath and let out a moan as I gently bit her sensitive pierced nipples. I nibbled them playfully, flicking my tongue over each of her erect buds.
"Oh, thats so good, John." she said in her sexy African accent.

At this point, my cock threatened to break through the zipper of my pants. I knew that before this was over, I was going to be spraying cum all over those beautiful 40D tits. But not yet.
I moved all the junk aside on my desk. I closed stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv my laptop. The script I was working on was just going to have to wait.

Asi perched her ass on the edge of the desk. Our lips locked again and I kissed my African lover with a furious passion. One hand slipped down between her legs. I could feel the warmth of her already moistened pussy through the material of her bikini bottom. Just as swiftly as I removed her top, her bikini bottom was just as gone. I inserted a couple of fingers and crooking them upward. Asi jerked a little as I scraped my fingers against her G spot. Her lips still fastened to mine, she moaned as I fucked my fingers in and out of her, massaging her clit with my thumb.

Asi spread her slender legs, allowing me better access. I moved my kisses downward to her shoulder as my fingers continued to prime her, getting her ready for my cock. Not even a minute of this, she pulled my hand away.
"Enough," she gasped, "You know what I really want."

She spread her legs wider. I pulled my painfully throbbing out of the confines of my pants. Yes, I know what she wants. But, I wanted to make her want it more. First, just the tip of my cock barely touched the lips of Asis beautiful black pussy. I could feel the warmth of her arousal as I slowly inserted just the head of my cock into her. My ebony lover shuddered. A moan escaped her lips.

"John, please," she begged. "Fuck me now, baby. Give me all of your cock!"

I began fucking her with hard, fast strokes, giving all of my six inches of my cock. Asi moaned as the thickness of my cock stretched her pussy wide.

My ebony goddess lie back further on the desk. Opening her legs wider, she granted me better access to her vaginal opening. Asi gasped at the sensation of my cock working further and faster into her warm /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. I increased my fucking motion as if I were a piston in a motor.

"Oohh Fuck," she screamed, "Whered you get this energy?"

I said nothing but continue fucking her with fast steady strokes. My lover started moaning loud with each thrust of my cock. She couldnt get enough. Asi lifted her legs, giving me still better access to her horny pussy. My hands on her hips, I thrusted my cock all the harder, driving her totally insane with lust.